BBC Together lets you watch TV shows or movies at same time as pals or distant family

THE BBC is launching a new experimental tool that could let you watch TV with friends and family that aren't in your household.

BBC Together will let you watch or listen to BBC content with other people via the internet.

The idea is that everyone in your chosen group will be shown the same content at the same time, a bit like a Netflix party.

The tool works with any content which is currently on BBC iPlayer, BBC Sounds, Bitsize, BBC News and BBC Sport.

You should be able to try it soon on Taster.

Taster is a website that the broadcaster uses for experimental BBC technologies it wants to trial.

To use it, you first need to decide what to watch.

Then you'll be given the option to share a link with friends so they can join you.

The host seems to be the person who sends the links.

This person will also have the power to pause, start or rewind the programme.

This tool could come in handy for people who like to watch and listen to programmes with family and friends but may be social distancing from them.

The BBC states on the Taster website: "If you’re stuck in a different place from your friends or family, BBC Together is a way you can still watch or listen to BBC programmes with them at exactly the same time.

"To use it, you find the link of a programme or piece of video you want to watch with others – from BBC iPlayer, Sounds or Bitesize, BBC News and Sport websites – and paste it into the BBC Together service.

"This creates a new group session, which you can share via a link with your friends or family. You are now in control and can pause, play, seek, or choose a new programme for everyone to watch at once."

Some rules apply, including the fact users must be over the age of 13.

How to watch TV legally without paying for a licence

IN the UK, any household watching or recording live television must hold a TV licence.

In recent years, this has been extended to include BBC programmes on iPlayer, whether they are live, catch up or on demand. But does everyone really need a licence? Here’s the lowdown on how to avoid paying – legally.

On demand TV – like catch-up TV and on demand previews – which are available through services like ITV Player , All4 , My5 , BT Vision/BT TV , Virgin Media , Sky Go , Now TV, Apple TV, Chromecast , Roku and Amazon Fire TV

On demand movies – from services like Sky, Virgin Media, BT Vision, Netflix and Amazon Instant Video

Recorded films and programmes– either via DVD or Blu-ray, or downloaded from the internet

YouTube – On demand video clips through services like YouTube

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