Apple event 2020 – latest rumours and predictions on 5G iPhone 12, iPad and Apple Watch and update

APPLE could unveil brand new gadgets as soon as today – including the first 5G iPhone.

The surprise announcement is also expected to include a new iPad with a revamped design – and a next-gen Apple Watch to boot.

Every year, Apple hosts a major autumnal event to showcase new tech – including an iPhone.

This year's global health crisis has thrown a spanner in the works, however.

It's expected that some gadgets will be revealed in the September event today with less fanfare than usual – with a bigger iPhone reveal in the coming weeks.

We could see the launch of the Apple iPad Air 4 today.

This long-rumoured device is expected to feature some performance upgrades, but the main change is with its design.

Apple looks set to ditch the old-school iPad design and adopt the newer look seen on the iPad Pro.

This means no Touch ID Home button, allowing for a bigger screen – and the inclusion of Face ID face-unlocking.

The iPad Air sits between the regular iPad and the iPad Pro in terms of pricing.

It's unclear if the price of the iPad Air – which starts at £479 – will increase due to the ritzy new design.

We're also expecting the launch of the Apple Watch 6, as part of the smartwatch's yearly upgrade cycle.

The watch will likely come with Apple's latest watchOS software, which adds brand new features – including sleep-tracking.

The latest rumour is that we'll see new iPhone models announced in October.

Bloomberg recently reported that orders for at least 75million 5G iPhones have been placed with suppliers.

Apple is one of the only major phone makers yet to release a 5G smartphone.

That's despite the fact that 5G networks have been rolling out across the US and UK this year.

And many rivals – including Samsung and Huawei – have released multiple 5G models.

Now Apple is expected to finally join the 5G fray, with four new models supporting the super-fast mobile speeds.

However, Apple hasn't confirmed any such plans, so take all leaks and rumours with due caution.

In other news, Android users are being warned not to download a specific phone background as it could crash their device.

Apple's next AirPods could track your heart rate – using light sensors in your ears.

And, 3D designers have mocked up what the Apple Watch 6 could look like.

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