iPhone trick lets you get Dark Mode on ANY app – even if it doesn't offer it

IF you love Dark Mode but your favourite app doesn't offer it yet then you need to try this iPhone trick.

It relies on Apple's Smart Invert accessibility feature that can invert the colour of your screen with the intention of making it more visually accessible.

Apple explains: "Smart Invert reverses the colours on the display, except for images, media and some apps that use dark colour styles."

Benefits of Dark Mode include prolonging the battery life of your phone and enabling a more discreet way of browsing in dark environments.

To turn on Apple's regular Dark Mode go to your Settings and click Display and Brightness.

You'll need iOS 13 or above.

If doing this still doesn't change the colour of an app you're using then follow the steps below.

How to turn on Smart Invert

Go to Settings and then click Accessibility and then Display & Text Size.

Scroll down until you see Smart Invert and then turn it on with the toggle at the side.

Your screen should turn black straightaway.

Go to your app of choice and see if the invert has worked.

If you need to turn it off just follow the steps above and slide the toggle off.

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