These Are New York City’s 15 COVID-19 Hotspot ZIP Codes

As COVID-19 cases across America surge , the city the most fatal cases by far is New York. Most of these deaths occurred in late March to early May, over the course of the nation’s first wave. As other waves have happened, no place has outpaced it by this terrible measure. The disease has started to surge again in New York City, although it remains much less affected than areas in the upper Midwest, like North Dakota and Wisconsin. However, the spread has begun to worsen quickly in some neighborhoods, particularly in 15 ZIP codes.

Fatal cases in New York City now total 24,220, with total confirmed cases at 303,007. Most of the deaths came in three of the five counties that make up the city. The deaths in Queens County total 5,166 and confirmed cases number 86,684. Deaths in Kings County, which is the borough of Brooklyn, total 5,190, with confirmed cases at 85,561. And fatalities in Bronx County total 3,423, with 61,617 confirmed cases.

New York City reports the number of positive tests by ZIP code and neighborhood once a day. It tracks the percentage of these tests that were positive, based on the most recent seven days. The seven-day average across the entire city is 3.17%.

In the 15 hotspot ZIP codes, the positive test percentage is above 5.18%, reaching all the way up to 7.42%.

A look at the map of New York City shows that the hardest-hit parts are in Staten Island, in the southern parts of Queens near the Atlantic Ocean, in the South Bronx and in a small area on the Queens border with Brooklyn. Two neighborhoods have a positive test above 7%. These are Great Kills in Staten Island and Breezy Point on the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens.

These are New York City’s 15 COVID-19 hotspot neighborhoods and their ZIP codes:

ZIP Neighborhood Positive
10308 Great Kills 7.42%
11697 Breezy Point 7.%
10452 Concourse/Highbridge 6.37%
11421 Woodhaven 6.30%
10306 Lighthouse Hill/Midland Beach/New Dorp/Oakwood 6.28%
10307 Tottenville 5.73%
10468 Fordham/Kingsbridge/University Heights 5.68%
10312 Annadale/Rossville 5.65%
10309 Charleston/Prince’s Bay/Woodrow 5.57%
10304 New Dorp/Todt Hill 5.54%
10303 Graniteville/Mariner’s Harbor/Port Ivory 5.52%
10305 Arrochar/Midland Beach/Shore Acres/South Beach Ocean Breeze 5.50%
10470 Wakefield/Woodlawn 5.40%
10453 Morris Heights/Mount Hope/University Heights 5.25%
11219 Borough Park 5.18%

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