The top trending Google searches of 2020 included everything from the election to the PlayStation 5 — see the full list

  • Google released top trending US searches of .
  • These queries had the most sustained traffic compared to 2019.
  • COVID-19 and the presidential election dominated the list.
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Each year, Google shares a look at what people searched for over the year. They usually give a peek back at what people were thinking and cared about in the preceding year.

These are the top trending searches of 2020, meaning that they had a noticeable, sustained spike in traffic this year over 2019. The list doesn't contain many surprises and reinforces the idea that Americans  spent the year thinking about the election and the coronavirus pandemic. The country also mourned beloved celebrities who died, and looked up tech for both fun and work.

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Take a look at trending searches from this unusual year.

1. "Election results" were unsurprisingly on people's minds around the November election.

2. "Coronavirus" was undoubtedly the story of the year, and people searched for information on symptoms, cases, and upcoming vaccines.

3. Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash in January at age 41.

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4. "Coronavirus update" was also a trending search, as people tried to stay up to date on local restrictions and the spread of the virus.

5. "Coronavirus symptoms" made the list as health officials spread the word about when patients should seek medical attention.

6. Zoom immediately began a crucial tool this year as work, school, and social gatherings moved online.

7. "Who is winning the election," also trended. Elections in 2020 were different from past years with mail-in ballots and other coronavirus safety measures.

8. Actress Naya Rivera was found dead in Lake Piru, California, in July.

9. Fans mourned actor Chadwick Boseman, who died of cancer in August.

10. "Playstation 5" rounded out the list, as the new console out almost immediately and crashed retailers' websites.

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