We got hold of a presentation from TikTok that gives detailed insight into the app's users and what they spend money on

  • TikTok owner ByteDance is on a push to encourage businesses to advertise inside its wildly popular app.
  • TikTok has more than 500 million users globally, making it an attractive proposition for brands.
  • We took a look at a presentation given by TikTok execs to prospective advertisers which revealed their mood when they use the app, and where they spend they money.
  • Scroll on for the key takeaways.
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TikTok is on a push to commercialize its wildly popular app, educating businesses about the different aspects of its service and userbase.

It held "TikTok for Business" webinars through October, covering everything from gaming to beauty, to technology and retail. The goal is to introduce businesses to the benefits of the app, and convince them of the value of being on TikTok and running ads.

The information contained within the 40-minute presentations provides an insight into how TikTok is growing and adapting — and how TikTok's 690 million monthly active end users interact with the app around the world.

There are some surprising findings from internal and external research — like how long users spend making videos, and the fact the app skews towards males.

Also among the data points shared with participants are top-down overviews of what kind of content is popular on TikTok, how ads on the platform can be targeted to specific audiences, how TikTok informs offline purchases, and more.

TikTok's most popular content pertains to pop culture, but gaming is a highly popular category

In the last six months, 28 million gaming videos have been shared on TikTok in the United States and its five biggest European markets

The videos have been seen 62 billion times in total.

TikTok users are almost twice as likely as the ordinary person to buy physical video games

That's according to a survey the app commissioned from GlobalWebIndex.

The app provides week-by-week strategies for how developers wanting to bring TikTok's audience to their app could do so, spending £15,000 in the process

TikTok provided more insight into how their advertising bidding system works

TikTok says 46% of users say they're happier after using the app

"We know that users are more receptive to brand messages if they are in the right mindset, and on TikTok, they definitely are," said TikTok brand strategist Alessandra Mariani.


TikTok could play a big role in driving the purchase of Christmas presents, internal survey data seems to suggest

One in teenagers on TikTok talk about what they watch with their parents

The was keen to highlight its potential as a place for retail brands to sell their wares

"The platform empowers our users to feel as though anyone can create a video about their favorite piece of technology," said vertical lead Anastasia Nicholl

This slide, containing data a survey commissioned by TikTok from GlobalWebIndex, indicates that most TikTok tech users are male

One in five is over the age of 45, belying the idea TikTok is an app simply for teenagers.

The amount of time creating videos in the app can be significant

"82 percent of TikTok users brands to be entertaining and funny," said Nicholl.

"As TikTok is based on a content graph, not a social graph, the For You feed is based on a person's interests and what they're engaging with, not on their circle of friends," she added.

Tom Skinner, executive creative director of TikTok's Creative Lab in Europe and Julien Wettstein, TikTok's head of creator solutions in Europe, also highlighted the way that TikTok's full screen videos work best for ads on the app

A survey of UK beauty audiences on TikTok showed how valuable the app's audience believe authenticity and social responsibility are

TikTok's users like shopping, listening to music and playing games – but they're not often found on dating apps

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