Laura Ingraham: 'Time to retire or just ignore' COVID 'control freaks' like Fauci, CDC

Ingraham: ‘Time to retire’ the COVID ‘control freaks’

‘The Ingraham Angle’ host blasts Drs. Fauci, Osterholm, Wallensky, who continue ‘doom and gloom’ message

With more Americans receiving coronavirus vaccines and the numbers of cases, hospitalizations and deaths trending downward or remaining stable, it’s time to stop listening to so-called experts who continue to profess a message of “doom,” Laura Ingraham said Monday. 

“The Ingraham Angle” host specifically called out White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci, University of Minnesota epidemiologist Michael Osterholm, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Wallensky.

“One year and a staggering number of deaths later, we know — or we should know — the truth about COVID,” Ingraham said. “Namely, the fact that young Americans have a greater chance of being killed in a car crash then dying from this virus. And then there is this truth: States with mask mandates fared no better with the virus than those without mask mandates.

“We know that lockdowns don’t change the cycle of the virus,” she added. “Look at California and New York versus Florida and Texas. We know kids kept out of schools suffer greatly. The isolation, the loneliness has driven more teenagers to take their own lives or overdose on drugs.”

Later in the program, Ingraham noted that “thanks to former President Trump, we have vaccines which millions of Americans have already received. The CDC estimates that 83 million Americans were infected in 2020, which means they are protected by the antibodies and are unlikely to develop COVID, at least for the time being, because of their innate T-Cell immunity as well.”

Unfortunately, the host said, the CDC’s response to this good news has been to issue guidance “disconnected from reality.”

“We are closer to herd immunity … and the CDC still doesn’t think we should be free?” she asked aloud.

However, according to Ingrham, Osterholm, a former Biden transition adviser, “is in a category of his own” when it comes to pandemic doomsaying, telling NBC’s “Meet The Press” over the weekend that despite being vaccinated, “you wouldn’t catch me tonight in a crowded restaurant.”

“Good, stay home, Mike, more room for the rest of us at the restaurant,” Ingraham shot back.

“Too many of us have lost our ability, or maybe the will, to think for ourselves during this time,” she went on. “Sometimes we have abandoned common sense and instead we adhere to the edicts of the expert class that’s neither expert nor classy. The rules and advice keep changing. It was 15 days to slow the spread. Now it’s closer to maybe 15 months.

“It’s time for us to break free from the cycle of failed experts and unconstitutional orders. If you are trapped in a blue state that won’t open up, that denies the data and the science, bows to the teachers’ union, it’s time to get up and either leave altogether or get involved in politics on the local level, the state level, anyway you can,” Ingraham concluded. “One year later, it’s time to retire or just ignore the control freaks. It’s time to declare victory and move on.”

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