MSNBC's Chris Hayes panned for asking 'did we ever find out the actual deal' with Hunter Biden's laptop

Hunter Biden plays coy on laptop controversy in CBS interview

Former Acting DNI Ric Grenell and talk radio host Dana Loesch join ‘Hannity’ to discuss probe of president’s son

MSNBC host Chris Hayes is still asking questions about the legitimacy of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop. 

The son of President Biden has been raising eyebrows while promoting his memoir “Beautiful Things” giving ambiguous responses when asked about the laptop that surfaced in the final weeks of the 2020 campaign and included emails discussing Hunter Biden’s business dealings overseas. 

Hunter Biden told CBS it “could” be his laptop and it “could” have been stolen. In another interview, he falsely claimed that the intelligence community had determined that the reports on the laptop contents by the New York were based on “Russian disinformation,” which then-ODNI John Ratcliffe flatly denied.

Prior to the election, the Biden campaign never claimed that the emails published by the Post had been altered or fabricated.

“So, like, um, you know you, your network and your leftist media buddies all ignored and shunned this story when it came out,” former White House press secretary Sean Spicer similarly expressed.

“This is hilarious,” podcast host Gerry Callahan reacted. “You can stop pretending now, Chris. You got your guy elected. It’s his laptop. You know it, you’ve always known it. No need to keep up the ruse. Just your job and help Hunter sell his book.”

“This perfectly captures the media’s interest in the potential corruption of a presidential candidate from the Good Team and his family immediately before the election,” conservative commentator Drew Holden tweeted. 

“Ha. No, we never found out because news organizations that should have been investigating it instead threw a tantrum and demanded that the story and any investigation be censored,” conservative writer A.G. Hamilton said. 

“Imagine someone with the resources of NBC News at their disposal asking this question. Imagine someone working at MSNBC, which did all it could to ignore/lie about everything related to the information on the laptop, asking this question. They’ll all win journalism awards for it,” radio host Derek Hunter blasted the host. 

“This person’s job is to inform people of things,” conservative commentator Stephen Miller summarized. 

Hayes was previously called out for pushing the false narrative that Hunter Biden’s laptop was part of Russia’s disinformation effort during the 2020 campaign.

The laptop became the center of a political firestorm in October after the New York Post published bombshell reports based on information found in the laptop that fueled allegations of unethical foreign business transactions while his father served as vice president.


However, social media giants and members of the media went to great lengths to prevent the story from being seen. 

It wasn’t until after President Biden won the election that it was revealed that his son was under federal investigation. 

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