Celebrate Star Wars Day with mind-blowing video that shows REAL sizes of iconic spaceships

A STAR WARS nut has crafted a fascinating video that showcases the relative sizes of spaceships that have appeared in Star Wars.

The 10-minute animation features many of the sci-fi franchise's iconic vehicles, including the TIE Fighter and the enormous Death Star.

It comes as fans around the world today honour Star Wars day, an annual celebration of the fictional universe created by George Lucas in 1976.

Crafted by YouTuber Star Wars Theory, the video lines up dozens of ships side by side in a city to show how big they really would be.

It compares them with real-world objects like the Eiffel Tower to give viewers a sense of scale.

Works its way through smaller Star Wars craft first, the video starts with the 5.3m-long (17ft) Airspeeder that appears in 1980's Empire Strikes Back.

The 7.5m-tall (24ft) TIE Fighter also makes an appearance, followed by the Millennium Falcon, which comes in at 34 metres long (111ft).

Among the largest ships to feature is Supremacy, the largest ship of the evil First Order in 2019's Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

That would be 60 kilometres (37 miles) wide, according to the video – making it wider than most cities.

Unsurprisingly, the moon-sized Death Star is the largest of all, clocking in at 160 kilometres (99 miles) wide.

Commenting under the video, one viewer wrote: "Imagine seeing a star destroyer in our atmosphere or the second Death Star."

Another said: "I can just imagine waking up and seeing my whole city covered by the shadow of the supremacy."

Star Wars Day is an annual celebration of the iconic sci-fi franchise which has entertained fans since the late '70s.

Each year lovers of the Skywalkers, the Resistance and Yoda’s wise words celebrate the iconic sci-fi franchise on May 4.

The date was chosen as a pun on the franchise's catchphrase "May the force be with you".

Fans typically celebrate by bingeing the series' various films and TV shows and sharing Star Wars-themed memes on social media.

This year, Disney+  is debuting the series "Star Wars: The Bad Batch" on the holiday.

Star Wars day was not created by Lucasfilm but the production company has since embraced the idea, publicising it widely on social media.

In other news, Disney has unveiled a "real" working lightsaber, according to reports.

Nasa has discovered an incredible "Star Wars" galaxy that looks just like the iconic TIE Fighter spaceship.

And, the correct order to watch all of the Star Wars movies and TV shows has been officially revealed by Disney.

Which Star Wars ship is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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