Jesse Watters slams Texas Democrats who fled to DC, says their 'talking points are empty'

Jesse Watters slams liberals: ‘We have the truth on our side’

‘Watters’ World’ host slams Democrats trying to turn Texas blue in his opening monologue

Jesse Watters slammed Texas Democrats who fled their state to avoid voting on election legislation Saturday on “Watters’ World,” noting that the move is an effort to turn Texas blue. 

JESSE WATTERS: Democrats have had their eyes on Texas for decades. It’s gotten so close to turning blue they can taste it. Ronald Reagan won Texas by 30 points, and almost 40 years later, Trump won just by single digits. So right when it’s within striking distance – Trump beat Biden by just six points under these loose pandemic rules – Democrats want to make these rules permanent. Texas Republicans say, “No, we’re going to make it easier to vote, but harder to cheat.” Texas Democrats start howling racism and fly to D.C., leaving the legislature half empty. 

Now that Trump’s gone and the pandemic is over, Democrats’ talking points are empty. They have nothing. They have to actually debate the policy, and they can’t. So, they’re just lying and screaming racism. Biden couldn’t name a single thing in the Texas bill that actually disenfranchises anybody.

The only people who think these laws are racist or suppress the Black vote are White liberals. They want to scare Americans into submission with these racist lies. But it’s a lost cause because we have the truth on our side. 


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