Candace Owens shreds motion to exclude Whites from Ivy League schools: It’s ‘bigotry of no expectations'

Candace Owens: America is becoming increasingly more racist under liberal leadership

‘Candace’ host reacts to group asking liberals to stop virtue signaling and start making sacrifices on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’

Dallas Justice is asking White liberals to withhold enrolling their kids in Ivy League institutions but “Candace” host Candace Owens slammed the woke campaign as a continuation of racism on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“You could identify this as a bigotry of low expectations. They’re saying that Black Americans aren’t smart enough to get into these schools by their own merit,” she said. “But here’s what’s interesting – it’s worse than the bigotry of low expectations. It’s the bigotry of no expectations.”

Owens pointed out that affirmative action still stands as a method of leveling the playing field in schooling but liberals are saying that’s not enough and the solution is to remove White people altogether.

Owens poked a hole in the plan by explaining that without White students, there wouldn’t be any Ivy Leagues at all.

“They never think through any of their policies long term because it makes no sense,” she said. “If you’re saying you just want to make sure everybody there has brown skin and you know fully well that Asian Americans are ranking at the top of their classes and it’s not White Americans, then what you’re really saying is that you’re just going to reverse and it around… It’s just such foolishness.”

Owens argued that the left “wants more systemic racism” in America and aims to do with similar campaigns.

“[They] want people to focus on skin color and make sure people are segregated according to their skin color,” she said. “They want every action in this country to be informed by the color of people’s skin.”

“That’s exactly what wokeism is – it’s not even a close cousin to racism, it is it by a different name.”

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