MSNBC historian uses 9/11 to campaign against Republicans

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MSNBC contributor Michael Beschloss compared the heroes of the United Airlines Flight 93 from September 11 to those campaigning against Republicans in 2022.

On Friday, Beschloss appeared on “The 11th Hour” with guest anchor Chris Jansing where she asked the historian about the importance of recognizing events like 9/11.

“What’s the importance, Michael, of marking these moments of history, of preserving these stories? And frankly, bringing people together around them?” she asked.

Beschloss argued the memory of those lost on 9/11 was not about “preserving these stories” but more about “saving our democracy.”

“Because all of us should be able to unite around the idea that we’re saving our democracy. That’s what those people were doing, those heroes were doing on Flight 93 and elsewhere 20 years ago tomorrow. Our democracy tonight is as much in danger, I think, as it was in 1860 before the Civil War and in 1940 before Pearl Harbor,” Beschloss said.

He then changed the topic to claiming that “the right to vote is being taken away from people” due to recent election bills by Republican lawmakers.

“The right to vote is being taken away from people in various states. The legitimacy of elections is being undermined. We could be in a situation where the congressional election next year, in which certain people are elected to congress who are deprived of taking office, and the same thing even when a president is elected in 2024. That’s enormously dangerous,” Beschloss said.

“We need to follow in the footsteps of those heroes,” he argued.

The September 11 terrorist attacks caused by four hijacked planes occurred 20 years and led to the deaths of more than 3,000 people. Although three planes hit their targets at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the fourth, Flight 93, crashed in a field outside Shanksville, Pennsylvania after the passengers and crew attempted to take back control of the plane from the terrorists. 

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