Jesse Watters exposes the goal of Biden's CNN town hall

Jesse Watters: Democrats just want a dictator

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host discusses the madness of ‘King Biden’

Jesse Watters revealed the purpose of Biden’s town hall on CNN Friday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” saying it was to make Americans “aware” of who is really in charge of the United States. 

JESSE WATTERS: Not many people were watching Joe Biden’s town hall last night. The ratings were absolutely terrible, which isn’t surprising at all. Joe Biden’s not capable of thinking clearly, and most Americans recognized that. So they watched football and Fox News instead. 

But that raises an interesting question, which, until recently, no one has asked. Given the obvious deterioration of Joe Biden’s mind – he now struggles to form coherent sentences – why have this town hall at all? Why not call another lid at 10:00 a.m. and send Joe Biden off to the farm in Deleware. 

Obviously, it’s not Joe Biden’s fault, he’s in mental decline. But the political opportunists who made Joe Biden president of the United States – people like Jill Biden and Susan Rice and so on – are responsible for this. They lied for years about Joe Biden’s condition so they could obtain more power. Now that they have that power, they’re making us aware who’s really in charge. It’s not Joe Biden. The point of last night’s town hall was to make that undeniable. 


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