‘Came up brand new’: Mrs Hinch fan shares how to remove plughole limescale – ‘gleaming’

Mrs Hinch shares tips for cleaning tile grout

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Mrs Hinch – real name Sophie Hinchliffe – rose to fame when she started to share cleaning tips and tricks online. Now with four million Instagram followers, fans of the social media sensation regularly share their own hacks with one another online.

Asking for advice on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, one woman asked for help when it came to cleaning her plughole.

Jessica-Mai Jones wrote: “Does anyone know how I can get my bathroom sink plughole looking clean again?

“It’s really bugging me, I’ve tried bleach, bicarbonate of soda and the Pink Stuff. I can’t get it looking nice again.”

Jessica shared photos of her sink which showed some discolouration around the stainless steel plughole.

The post attracted several comments from other group members all sharing their top tips.

Emma Inwood wrote: “Bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar, mix it into a paste! Leave it on overnight, I used vinegar for all my kitchen pots, came up brand new.”

Bicarbonate of soda is an alkali salt that can help remove dirt and stains.

It is regularly used when cleaning washing machines due to its odour-free properties, but can also be used to clean stainless steel.

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When mixed with vinegar, the combination creates a powerful homemade cleaning mixture.

Jenna Greenwood added: “Definitely bicarb and white vinegar made into a paste. Leave it for a few minutes and wipe it off.”

Deníse Denise said: “Bicarb and white vinegar, then scrub with a scourer, one from a pound shop.

“Throw a dash of washing powder in the sink, hot water, leave overnight preferable. Sink and plughole will be gleaming.

“Washing powder in sinks and baths is just brilliant I find!”

Debbie Smith said: “Raw bleach, let it soak for a while and then scrub with an old toothbrush.”

Scrubbing with a toothbrush helps to target the limescale and make sure all the crevices are being reached.

The cleaning enthusiast added: “If all else fails, you can buy a replacement ring in DIY shops, they are easy to replace.”

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Many other Mrs Hinch fans recommended using Viakal, a 99p cleaning spray that helps target limescale.

It also helps to clean soap scum as well as any watermarks, making it perfect to use in the sink.

Karolina Rust wrote: “Viakal. Leave it for a couple of minutes and then use a cleaning brush to scrub.

“Or use Harpic bleach in the black bottle. Leave it, then scrub, works a treat.”

Britney Alexander said: “Try the 2p trick…Wet a 2p coin and scrub the sink and taps if you have build up, it’s the best thing.”

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