Fox Nation's 'Christmas at the Cathedral' honors history of St. Patrick's Cathedral

Fox Nation’s ‘Christmas at the Cathedral’ celebrates St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Fox News contributor Jonathan Morris joined ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss the Christmas special honoring the ‘history and tradition’ of the cathedral.

Fox Nation’s Christmas Special, “Christmas at the Cathedral,” celebrates the history and tradition of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City, hosted by Fox News contributor Jonathan Morris in his first Fox Nation special. 


Morris appeared on “Fox & Friends” Thursday to discuss the 30-minute documentary, which is now available exclusively on Fox Nation to spur the Christmas spirit. 

“So two million visitors come through at Christmastime in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, but this cathedral was… finished in 1879. When they began to build this cathedral this was basically wilderness,” Morris explained.  

“The old cathedral, in 1809, Old St Pat’s was way downtown, and the Bishop at the time said, no, I think New York City’s going to grow,” he continued. “We’re going to build a cathedral way up north. People had to take buggies, carriages, horses to get to it… It was a visionary thought, and now we’re reaping the benefits.”

During the special, Morris dives into the history of the church, its construction, and its breathtaking Christmastime displays for the holiday season. 

He also speaks with Cardinal Timothy Dolan to discuss the cathedral’s special place in New York and the true meaning of Christmas. 

“One of the things I discovered was that St. Patrick’s Cathedral not only was built by Irish immigrants, but very poor Irish immigrants,” Morris said. “They built this thing stone by stone with a lot of work and hard sweat.”

“Christmas at the Cathedral” is available now on Fox Nation. 

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