‘Believe it when I see it!’ Pensioners slam bumper triple lock promise – ‘raw deal’

Jonathan Ashworth calls for return of pension triple lock

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Yesterday, the Treasury confirmed the state pension triple lock would be reinstated following the temporary double lock in place this year. It was perceived a triple lock would be unfair to taxpayers, and too expensive as a result of warped earnings data creating a potential eight percent rise.

However, from next year, the state pension is set to rise in line with double digit inflation, providing a bumper boost for pensioners.

Under the triple lock, state pensions increase each year by the highest of: average earnings, inflation or 2.5 percent.

Fears the mechanism could be suspended for the second year in a row seem to have been allayed.

Express.co.uk readers reacted to the update, and there was a wide range of opinion – including scepticism.

Sterling77a welcomed the news, and said: “To reinstate the triple lock will be most welcome amongst pensioners.

“All are on fixed incomes and have earned the right to a decent retirement having paid into the system for 40 years. Well done Boris.”

This was echoed by MissingEUAlready2, who simply remarked: “Good man, Boris.”

However, other Express.co.uk readers did not appear convinced, remaining angered by the decision to scrap the triple lock this year.

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OneTimeTory remarked: “Pensioners have heard this promise from Tory politicians before and it meant nothing. I’ll believe it when I see it.”

BingoThree stated: “Boris – next year is too late for an awful lot of our pensioners who are already in fuel poverty. You need to act now.”

While Fidget said: “We know what Boris’ promises are worth – nothing! Just like his last manifesto. A complete work of fiction!”

Other readers expressed their empathy for pensioners, and called upon the Government to fulfil its promises. 

Billynomates stated: “I hope we do get the triple lock – everyone will become a pensioner one day and most people will really struggle to live off what pensioners are expected to today when they eventually retire.

“Really feel for the pensioners who have had a pretty poor raw deal with state pension rises over the last two decades, they never complain just struggle on.”

However, not everyone expressed their support for the triple lock increase.

For some, the rise is disproportionate, especially with wages losing value in real terms for working people with inflation on the rise.

Englishman-in-europ wrote: “The pensioners are being protected with the immoral triple lock. More division caused by the Tories.

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“Pensioners should get no more than the average pay rise.”

The triple lock dates back to 2010, when it was first introduced by the then-coalition Government.

It was designed to ensure pensioners saw their income rise in real terms, so they would not be left out of pocket.

Any potential rises would only come into play in April 2023 for pensioners.

Some, however, have called for the state pension rise to be brought forward, due to rising energy bills and food prices. 

Express.co.uk has contacted HM Treasury for comment. 

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