Terrifying moment drivers crash on motorway as dashcam footage divides opinion – but who is in the right? | The Sun

TERRIFYING footage showing a collision between two cars on a motorway has divided opinion about who’s to blame.

The dashcam video shows an orange Fiat 500 turning left on a road in Australia as it attempts to change lanes.

The driver puts her left indicator on at the same time as she starts the manoeuvre but appears not to check her blind spot.

Despite the dashcam driver honking their horn, the Fiat smashes into the front right-hand side of their car, spins and then comes to a halt by the side of the road facing the other way.

Who’s to blame for the crash has sparked a furious debate on the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page and attracted over 3000 comments.


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“Before hitting the horn try hitting the brakes,” wrote one person siding with the Fiat driver.

“You obviously seen she was intending to merge. Be the better person and avoid the extra hassle.”

Another on team Fiat wrote: “What on earth did I just watch…..if you don’t see that happening as a driver… probably a good idea to hand your license in.”

Some sharp eyed the dashcam driver sped up from around 72 kph (44mph) to 76kph 47mph seconds before the crash.   

“You sped up into their blind spot then didn't make any effort to avoid,' one user commented. 

“You could have just as easily backed off those few kms/hr.”

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Others though took the side of the dashcam driver with one writing: “Fiat at fault and should have their licence taken away. They are a dangerous driver!”

“The Fiat driver shouldn't have kept coming once the horn was sounded,” wrote another.

“They put indicator on and think they're entitled to just move over. Indicate, look then change lanes if safe to do so,' another wrote

“Proof that an indicator doesn't give you a special bubble of protection to do whatever TF you want,' a third added.

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Some suggested there would be fewer road accidents would happen if car manufactures connected the horn to the brake pedal.

'I reckon Tesla and all the other manufacturers developing autonomous driving tech could help reduce crashes if they just made the horn apply pressure to the brake pedal … time to step up Elon,” one wrote. 

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