Laundry expert shares items you should ‘never’ wash in a machine

Top tips for drying your laundry indoors

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Washing machines are used every day in many households, and it can be tempting to put every single piece of dirty clothing in the appliance. However, Britons should be careful when it comes to washing laundry, and an expert has shared six clothing items which should “never” be washed in a washing machine.

Deyan Dimitrov, CEO of Laundryheap, said Britons should avoid putting underwear such as bras in the machine. 

He explained: “There are several risks when it comes to putting bras in the washing machine. 

“Not only can their underwiring damage your washing machine’s tub, but their clasps could also tear other delicate items in your laundry load.

“Additionally, if clasps get caught inside the walls of your washing machine’s tub, your bras may stretch excessively during a cycle, which can damage their delicate materials and original shape.”

Another item which should be avoided when doing laundry is ties, as most of them are made out of delicate fabrics.

This includes fabrics such as silk or wool which run the risk of shrinking in the washing machine.

Deyan said they may also lose their shape or stain other clothing items during a quick washing machine cycle. 

He added: “To keep them smelling fresh and in good shape, I would recommend hand washing them, or having them cleaned professionally.”

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It goes without saying that coins and keys are never placed in the machine on purpose, but the laundry expert recommended Britons “take extra care” to not throw them in by mistake.

Deyan said: “The metal can damage your washing machine’s drain pump and scratch its interior, so make sure to always check your pockets before putting a load on.”

Britons should also take precaution when washing baby clothing, particularly socks due to their size.

The expert said: [They] can get caught inside the draining vents of your washing machine, which can affect the efficiency of your washing machine and even cause flooding.

“I would recommend popping them into small mesh bags, to avoid losing them amongst your clothing and inside your washing tub.”

Most silk items require dry cleaning treatments, including clothing and bedding as high temperatures can cause delicate fabrics to tear.

The spin cycles may also even cause them to lose their shape. Deyan added: “You may also run the risk of staining other clothes in your washing load, as dyes from coloured silks can often run onto the other fabrics.”

Britons should check their clothing’s label before putting it in a wash if they are unsure of the fabric.

Lastly, the laundry expert said embellished items such as those with sequins, buttons and zips can easily become damaged in the washing machine if not properly protected.

He explained: “Zips and buttons could get caught in your machine’s tub, or cause damage to other items in your washing load, so make sure to zip and button up all of your items before putting them in a wash.

“Sequins and jewelled clothing are particularly delicate, and may fall off during a cycle and become lodged amongst other clothing.

“I would recommend sponging off any dirt or stains from this material, before seeking cleaning help from a professional service.”

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