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RESIDENTS have been left fuming after a thoughtless driver parked on a crossing and forced families to walk on the road.

Dan Sabin says he and other residents are forced into the road as vehicles repeatedly obstruct the footpath and zebra crossing along Hen Lane, Coventry.

Dan is particularly annoyed that parents and children are left with no choice but to walk on to the road, leaving them in danger of oncoming traffic.

He said he was left "upset' at the drivers'" parking which puts the safety of residents at risk – particularly young children and the elderly.

Dan said: "First I was upset that there was no consideration for others.

"I myself had to walk into the road, and I'm fit and healthy, and there are plenty of parents with children that walk down Hen Lane.

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"Then I was angry when I saw the car parked across the crossing, so I posted on Holbrooks Residents to let people see what was going on and to see what their views are.

"All this parking on pavements, stopping pedestrians from doing what they need to do in safety annoys me. Roads are for vehicles, pavements are for pedestrians."

Dan snapped a photo of the parking situation and uploaded the image to Facebook.

And others were quick to agree with him and lash out at the "dangerous" parking pictured.

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One wrote: "That is bad parking. That crossing is already on a bad corner.

"I've seen many accidents and near misses with cars and pedestrians. Stupid place to have one."

While a second added: "Should be double yellow lines either side of hen lane at bottom of Briscoe Road… Very dangerous pulling out of Briscoe with cars on both sides."

And a third said: "Oh for policing we used have, they would been booked fined immediately, no one cares anymore."

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