State pensioners with arthritis could get £92 weekly boost from DWP

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This support is available through Attendance Allowance which is designed for state pensioners. The payment helps those with the extra costs that arise from having a long-term health condition or illness, like arthritis. Pensioners who are eligible for the DWP benefit payment could get as much as £92 a week in financial assistance.

On the Government’s website, the department outlines how people qualify for Attendance Allowance.

Claimants need to “have a physical disability, a mental disability (including learning difficulties), or both,” according to the Government.

Applicants need to prove that they have been in need of help for at least six months to be eligible

However, how much someone gets in Attendance Allowance from the DWP is dependent on the “severity” of their arthritis or other condition.

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The benefit payment is therefore paid at two different rates: one higher and the other lower, which are awarded depending on the “severity” of someone’s illness.

State pensioners will be able to get £92.40 a week if they are eligible for the higher amount or £61.85 if they are entitled to the lower rate.

Someone who is suffering from a severe case of arthriss would get £369.60 a month from Attendance Allowance.

If someone’s condition changes, claimants must report this to the DWP or face losing their payment.

This is because how much someone gets is dependent on their condition and if their health improves, the DWP will need to review how much Attendance Allowance someone is entitled to.

It should be noted that state pensioners could also be eligible for additional support through benefits such as Pension Credit, Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction if they no longer qualify for Attendance Allowance.

Any money received from Attendance Allowance will be paid directly into a claimant’s bank or building society account.

Applicants need to prove that they have been in need of help for at least six months to be eligible.

Future claimants can download a claim form for the Attendance Allowance on the GOV.UK website.

Citizens Advice offered guidance to those with health issues, such as arthritis, who want to apply for Attendance Allowance.

The charity stated: “You don’t need to have had a formal diagnosis to claim Attendance Allowance.

“For example, you might still be having tests or appointments to find out what’s wrong with you.

“As long as you’ve needed help or supervision, or you’ve had difficulties for six months because of your condition you can claim Attendance Allowance.”

Citizens Advice added: “You can also claim Attendance Allowance if you live on your own – it’s based on the help you need, rather than the help you are already getting.

“If you get Attendance Allowance, you can spend the money however you like – it could help you stay independent in your own home for longer.

“You can also apply for Attendance Allowance on behalf of someone else, for example a parent or a friend or other relative.”

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