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A GROUP say they are fed up with their "selfish" neighbour who parks his Land Rover on the footpath and refuses to move.

But the group don't live next door – they're members of the a 12th century church which the vehicle constantly blocks access to.

The Lincolnshire church plays host to the community's much-loved Christmas tree festival, and the group say the neighbour's parking is now threatening the event.

The St Wulfram's Church members are in a bitter row with resident Peter Escreet, who says he's blocking the footpath as vehicles using it are a "danger to pedestrians".

Mr Escreet claims vehicles also damage the footpath, and he's had to splash his own money on fixing it.

But Melanie Brown, the church's operations and development manager, dubbed the neighbour's actions as "not very public spirited".

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Mr Escreet parks his Land Rover in the only route leading up to the 842-year-old Anglican church, and it's said to be stopping vehicles supplying festive goods for the festival.

Melaine said: "We've got nearly 150 trees coming. We've got disabled people, people with pushchairs, community groups and how are they going to get in?

"We've been on this site for 1,000 years and always had access to it.

"[The tree festival] is supposed to be a community event and it's making it very difficult just through somebody else's selfishness."

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On Friday removals company Tilley's tried to deliver a 18-foot tree, and came across the Land Rover.

Kevin Tilley, owner of Tilley's, said: "We were waiting to hope the car would move but it didn't.

"We knocked on the door and no one answered.

"I don't know how [Mr Escreet] can presume it's OK to put his vehicle there but nobody else can.

"What would happen in the event of an ambulance or funeral or wedding?"

Mr Escreet lives in Church Trees House, which fronts the path leading up to the church.

He has claimed the access route is a footpath and cites highway code rule 145, which says: "You must not drive on or over a pavement, footpath or bridleway except to gain lawful access to property, or in the case of an emergency".

Mr Escreet added: "It's nothing to do with me being unhappy. The highway code states you are not to drive on a footpath, it does not say you can't park on a footpath.

"Vehicles driving up this footpath are a danger to pedestrians and have caused thousands of pounds of damage to the path.

"I have spent nearly £900 repairing the path myself and I've spent time repairing the wall along the path where cars and lorries have hit it."

We've been on this site for 1,000 years and always had access to it.

He claimed he had rarely seen vehicles using the footpath until recently.

The resident said: "Some drive up the path very quickly and not all are going up to the church as we've seen parents use it to drop children off at the junior school.

"It can be dangerous as all the houses along Church Trees step out on to the footpath and its only a matter of time before someone gets hit by a passing car.

"We also have children using the path daily to get to and from school so its putting them at risk too.

"It's also worth noting that this is a historic part of Grantham and these old footpaths aren't designed to be taking vehicles."

But Father Stuart Cradduck, Rector of St Wulfram's, replied saying: "The church is a living building, there will be traffic associated with its use."

The Lincolnshire County Council said: "Anyone driving along a restricted area is acting in violation of the law providing it is a footpath.

"This is entirely enforceable by the police. We (LCC) don't have enforcement powers, so this is a police matter.

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"If it is the church's then it could well be private access to private land."

Lincolnshire Police could not comment as no incident has been reported to them.

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