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FIFA 23 is now limiting the number of World Cup Swap tokens players can earn.

EA Sports introduced a number of FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) packs and cards to celebrate the World Cup in FIFA 23.

Players can earn up to 50 World Cup Swap Tokens by completing World Cup-related challenges in-game.

You earn one Swap Token for every challenge you complete, and you need a number of tokens in order to trade them in for a card.

The challenges that you complete can be done with the Golden Goal option switched on.

This means that challenges can be finished quickly as the first goal scored ends the match.

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Challenges can be retried any number of times, so this risky strategy doesn’t really have a downside.

However, since November 28, a restriction has been placed on the number of matches that can be attempted per hour.

This restriction includes failed challenge attempts.

Now players can only attempt 10 matches per hour, making the Golden Goal trick less useful.

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Matches take around 5 minutes to complete, if the game goes to full-time, meaning that players could only complete 12 matches per hour if playing non-stop.

However, with the Golden Goal trick, matches usually last less than a minute.

Fans have been upset about the change, as the sooner they can earn Swap Tokens, the sooner they can use the new FUT cards in-game.

Some include some very highly-rated cards, including some FUT Icons.

The restriction was put in place as there was an issue with accounts being banned for playing matches too quickly.

This is because the accounts could be bots that are being used to farm items to trade on the in-game transfer market.

Some items can go for exceptionally high prices, making it quite lucrative for players to do this.

Despite players' concerns, it seems that EA Sports has no intention of reversing the decision.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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