Secret button can slash your car's fuel consumption by 7% – here's how it works | The Sun

DRIVERS have been left stunned after a secret button that can slash your car's fuel consumption was revealed.

Popular TikToker Megans Bubble shared the hack – with drivers stunned when it was revealed it could help reduce your fuel consumption by 7%.

TikTok user @megansbubble revealed the handy "A" button that sits in the car console.

Megan said: "If you have a button that looks like this in your car, this is your automatic start-stop button.

"It's going to automatically shut down your vehicle when it is stationary for a long time, like when you're sitting at a stop light or maybe through the Starbucks drive-thru.

"It's supposed to increase fuel economy and reduce emissions."


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Although start-stop technology on cars has been around for decades, it didn't really kick off until around 2008.

A start-stop or stop-start system automatically switches off and restarts the internal combustion engine of your car. 

The idea is to reduce the amount of time your engine spends idling.

Stop-start should also see a reduction in your fuel consumption and vehicle emissions.

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It’s particularly helpful for vehicles that spend a lot of time stationary in heavy traffic.

According to research from the American Automobile Association, stop-start technology resulted in a 5% to 7% improvement in fuel economy.

This saving may seem small, but it would certainly add up over the lifecycle of your car.

A study from the Polytechnic University of Madrid measured the C02 emissions of two four-wheel drive vehicles.

A reduction of more than 20% was recorded for the car equipped with the stop-start system.

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