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NOTIFICATIONS are part of the charm when getting a Ring doorbell, but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing.

Seeing what's happening on your doorstep in real-time can be super handy, but there are three ways to prevent getting so many notifications.

The Amazon Ring device notifies users of movement around your home through its in-built motion detector.

So, the first option is turning off motion notifications completely.

Users will still have motion recorded but will not be bombarded with phone alerts.

This can be done by heading into the Ring app > Devices > select your device > Motion Alerts > turn off alerts you don't want.

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But if turning off the motion notifications makes the feature feel a bit redundant, there are ways to modify it to make it work better for users.

The second trick is customising the motion capture range, because having a capture area that is too wide can pick up on too much activity that users doesn't need to be alerted of.

If the motion detector is too sensitive, users can be blitzed by 'false positive' Ring notifications.

The feature allows users to define a specific area they want their Ring device to keep a watchful eye on, while ignoring everything outside of that space.

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To customise this inside the Ring app, tap the three lines on the top left of the screen.

Then tap Devices select your device > Motion Settings Edit Motion Zones > Default Zone and adjust the zone > Done Save.

Ring has advised users to look out for high traffic areas when adjusting motion zones.

The third and final trick is to put motion detection on a schedule.

Users might not need motion detection when they're sat at home, but might prefer it when they're at work.

This can be tweaked by opening the Ring app and tapping Devices > select device > Motion Detection > Advanced Settings > define times and days to have motion detection turned on.

And if all else fails to satisfy Ring users' notification woes, there's a bonus tip.

Ring users can snooze their motion alerts for certain periods.

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Say, if they're hosting a party or loading the car before a holiday.

This can be done by heading into settings in the app > select device > hit snooze the appropriate length of time.

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