Households could save £134 on energy bills

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Experts are highlighting that households could save up to £134 annually just by turning down their thermostats. Despite the cost of energy being set to fall next month and the Government reportedly planning to extend the energy price guarantee at the £2,500 level, energy bills are still expected to be high for the foreseeable future.

Ofgem confirmed last month that the energy price cap between April and June 2023 would be set at an annual level of £3,280.

This is still higher than the energy price guarantee, which means households will be due to pay more on average.

Despite this, families are learning new ways to make savings despite the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Some of these money-saving measures include adopting energy-efficient techniques and technologies into peoples’ homes.

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Teun Van Leijsen, the founder of Stoove, highlighted what households are looking for when it comes to saving on their energy bills, while remaining environmentally conscious.

His company creates heated cushions which are bought by people so they can save money by not turning up their thermostat.

Speaking exclusively to, he explained: “Consumers should be looking for more sustainable ways to heat their home to not only be more energy efficient but take power off the grid and ensure long-term affordability.

“This can mean being more energy-savvy by using anything from home energy management systems or indeed portable infrared technology. These systems and products help us to be smarter in how we choose to heat ourselves and our homes.

“This means only heating certain rooms or areas, instead of the whole house – or only our body instead of the room. Creating such a microclimate guarantees a smarter and cleaner use of energy and will dictate future affordability in the home and beyond.”

According to the energy expert, every time someone lowers their heating by a degree, they can save seven percent on their energy bill.

Mr Van Leijsen added: “An average household in the UK consists of 2.36 people and consumes about 1.035 m³ of gas per year, which is about £1.344.

“So, for one average person, this is almost 440 m³ and £570. If you turn the thermostat down one degree by default, you already save seven percent on those costs.

“That’s over £134 as an average household on your energy bill on an annual basis.

“Perhaps you can even turn the thermostat down two degrees or more, or end your heating period sooner in the year and commence it later in the year.”

He also noted the importance of people adopting energy-efficient appliances into their homes which can lead to long-term savings down the role.

Specifically, the CEO said the infrared technology used by his company for their products is able to directly warm a human body without having to pay for heating the entire room.

The energy expert said: “Heating a Stoov only costs on average £4 a year, making it cheaper and easier to turn your heating down.

“Many people have started looking into products that use infrared heating, which has resulted in trends including infrared flooring and even wallpaper.

“Our brand Stoov, which makes heating cushions and chair covers, launched in the UK last October and is using this innovative technology, to warm people, not the planet. Infrared heating has an efficiency rating of 112 – 115 percent.”

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