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MILLIONS of people share their Netflix password but it's not strictly allowed anymore.

The streaming giant announced in 2019 that it will no longer turn a blind-eye on the long-running money-saving trick.

So what does it mean for you?

Can I share my Netflix password?

Officially you're not allowed to share your Netflix password with anyone beyond your household.

So it's fine to share your account among those you live with.

But no-one beyond your house is supposed to – whether they're family, a friend or a lover.

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Currently, there's nothing to stop sharing it out though.

Netflix previously turned a blind-eye to the practice, saying that sharing is "something you have to learn to live with".

That approach changed after the streaming firm suffered some deep financial losses and now it is preparing to detect anyone breaking the rules.

Countries like Canada already have a sharing ban in place.

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Netflix said it would have an update on more countries like the US and UK by Q1 2023, which is anytime around now.

How will Netflix enforce password sharing rules?

Netflix hasn't officially discussed how it'll enforce the rules but the firm did accidentally post some details in February before hastily pulling them.

Apparently, the company will track things like IP addresses, device IDs and account activity.

If a device, like your TV or laptop, is logged into the account in a different location than usual, Netflix will ask for a temporary code which will apparently allow users log in at that location for seven days.

Those travelling with their 'primary device' – the device that is used for Netflix the most – will not have any issues in accessing content, Netflix said.

However, users must make sure to connect to WiFi at their primary location at least once every 31 days to ensure uninterrupted access.

What happens if I get caught sharing my Netflix account?

According to trials in some countries, the device will be blocked.

The bill payer can pay an extra fee to allow it.

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