Sisters slash £310 grocery bill to £13.96

Extreme Couponing: Twins make big birthday savings

Americans have long used coupons to reduce the cost of prices with many making big savings in the process. Extreme Couponing is a programme which spotlights extreme couponers and how they save money through discounts.

Tarin and Tai Perry from Chicago, Illinois appeared on the TLC reality television show to share how they make big savings through coupons.

On their skills, Tai Perry said: “We are the most extreme couponers out there. There is nothing that our hands touch that we don’t try to save money.

Tarin added: “Couponing is definitely a lifestyle. We eat it, sleep it breathe it and really do dream it.”

The pair stockpile thousands of items, including nearly two dozen deodorants, 40 cans of soup, and 52 bottles of shower gel.

Diapers are the item the twins stock up on most having nearly 4,000 in their stockpile to last a baby nearly a year and a half

To celebrate their birthday, the twins are going on a shopping spree to take advantage of exclusive birthday rewards as part of customer loyalty programs from stores.

According to Tarin, the main reason the duo look forward to their birthday every year is that they “get a lot of free goodies”.

With more than a dozen birthday deals on their shopping list, the women planned to visit various stores to see what is on offer.

Visiting a clothes store, they picked up three pieces of jewellery for free, including a necklace, bracelets and earrings thanks to concessions.

The self-proclaimed “double saving divas” managed to get a free burger lunch without having to pay the bill due to in-store discounts.

Upon receiving $10 (£8.05) worth of jewellery and a $20 (£16.10) lunch for free, the sisters decided to head out for ice cream which was also on the house.

Before even heading out to their supermarket shop, Tarin and Tai had cashed in almost $40 (£32.21) in birthday coupons and only spent $6 (£4.83) out of their $60 (£48.31) budget on tipping.

In the store, the pair explained: “Our goal for today is to stay under $60 (£48.31) for the entire day celebrating our birthday. We have about $54 (£43.48) left for our budget today.”

Visiting the travel section, which often has the biggest savings to be made, the sisters were on the hunt for frequent special offers.

Tarin highlighted that discounts from manufacturers are crucial for those looking to reduce their final supermarket bill.

She said: “A lot of the manufacturer coupons do not say exclude trial size items so that’s where we’re gonna save the most bang for our buck.”

Going up to the cashier, the sisters handed over their items to be scanned and the prices shot up.

However, once handed over their coupons and birthday concessions, the cashier applied those to the bill.

After this was done, the retail value of the supermarket trip came to $385.04 (£310.03) but was reduced to $13.96 (£11.24) for savings of 95 percent.

Following this savings success, the twins said: “It was like a grand finale of this great birthday. It couldn’t get better.”

Those interested in learning more about saving money can watch Extreme Couponing on fuboTV or Discovery+.

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