Features that ‘decreases’ house value and make it ‘difficult to sell’

Some may not understand what makes a home valuable, but even worse, Britons might not be aware of what is hurting the value of their house and how to stop it. Many things that will lower a home’s value can be found in and around a property. Understanding how these factors can influence the long-term value of a home is critical. Whether someone is in the process of buying or selling a home, some features can devalue a property.  Brian Hawtin, senior landscape architect and Philippa Stewart, sales director a David Wilson North West have given four features that could devalue a property. 

1. Professional work that has not been completed to a high standard  

With the cost-of-living crisis ongoing, it is quite easy to find someone who is a “jack of all trades” to carry out internal or external work within the property. 

Whilst initially, this seems like a clever idea, and a good money-saving alternative, professionals such as landscapers, gardeners, plumbers, and roofers have undertaken specialist training to ensure work is completed to the highest standards, complying with health and safety requirements. 

The experts warned that professional work that is not completed or finished to a high standard “will devalue a property”, as it will need to be redone. 

So, before choosing a professional to carry out a job, extensive research will need to be done to prove that they are legitimate. This could include looking at online reviews or word of mouth if they are from the local area.

Also, make sure documentation is provided and a receipt is given at the end of the job. All paperwork will need to be kept. 

If a property is being bought, make sure both parties know about the work that has been carried out prior to the sale.  

2. Poor presentation  

When it comes to selling or buying a house, presentation is the key, according to the property gurus. 

A potential buyer will make an emotional connection with a prospective home from the get-go. For example, a garden should always be presented as if it is inviting a potential buyer to step into it. 

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Brian and Philippa said: “If a garden is poorly presented, a buyer will not be able to visualise themselves in it. 

“Whether it is flowers, plants, or a seating area, the landscape that surrounds the house will tell someone all they need to know about the outside of the property. 

“Ten percent of the value of the house should be spent on the garden. Poor presentation will devalue a property as it blocks potential.”

3. Poor ventilation 

Poor ventilation within a home “decreases value because of the potential health implications”, claimed the experts. 

Mould and dust are harmful to the body, and can also be very dangerous, especially if there are young children living in the home. 

The experts said: “This factor will no doubt decrease the desirability of the property, making it more difficult to sell.

“When it comes to building code compliance, fines and penalties can be given if the minimum requirements aren’t met.  When purchasing or selling a house, make sure that there is constant airflow.”

Indoor humidity can be controlled by using humidifiers or dehumidifiers. To prevent poor ventilation, keep windows and doors open and ensure any air leaks are sealed. Use exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens. 

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4. Lack of energy efficiency 

Energy efficiency has come a long way in the past few years and it’s only now that energy efficiency is a top priority for home buyers.

A home that isn’t energy efficient will not only lead to higher utility costs but will also lead to greenhouse gas emissions and “devalue” a potential new home. 

Brian and Philippa said: “Energy-efficient homes are rapidly growing in demand within the UK, which will increase property value. 

“Many people are now becoming environmentally conscious, therefore making greener homes more attractive to prospective buyers.”

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