My 'crazy' neighbour blocks me in on my driveway and messes with my bins – I’ve filmed him | The Sun

A FRUSTRATED motorist claims that their neighbour from hell blocks them on their driveway and messes with their bins.

The motorist uploaded multiple videos on social media showing their neighbour's antics, which have millions of views.

The poster's car can be seen parked over to the left-hand side against a wall.

The description on the video reads: 'Sharing the adventures of my bad neighbours. Driveway is shared car access.'

A Mercedes C-Class belonging to the neighbour pulls up and reverses back into the shared drive.

A man climbs out and walks off, leaving the C-Class in a position that means the other car can't possibly get out.


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There are multiple videos uploaded showing the same thing, with one saying the C-Class was left for three days.

On another video, there's the caption: 'Big glares and messing with my bins!'

A woman who is thought to be the man's wife comes out of a garage door and stares at the TikTok user's Ring doorbell camera.

The woman then walks up to the bins at the rear of the garage and inspects what's inside.

A third video has the caption: 'Adventures of Bad Neighbour.


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'When I go to my front door and he hears me!'

The video shows the same man walking up to a fence and peering over it for a while, clearly trying to catch the TikTok user doing something wrong.

People were on the TikTok user's side down in the comments under the videos.

One said: "If there was a medical emergency, you would not be able to pull your car out.

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Another said: "Some people just love to make other people's life difficult for the hell of it, sad really."

A third said: "Why do people deliberately set out to cause problems? Beats me."

To which @stubs259 replied: "I think it’s just the way he is, maybe Santa brought him coal as a kid."

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