Easy method to refresh a tired-looking bathroom without using tiles

A tiled bathroom can look truly stunning and is a practical way to decorate the dampest room in the home. Tiles are durable, waterproof and won’t break or warp if there’s a sudden drop in temperature making them a great choice for bathrooms.

Tiles also come in various colours, designs and textures which means they can suit most homeowners’ personal styles.

However, tiling is not a cheap choice and can cost anywhere from £200 to £800 depending on how much of the room needs tiling, according to Checkatrade.

Furthermore, tiling can be tricky to clean as the more tiles a room has, the more grout to keep clean.

While tiles are the traditional choice for a bathroom, a bathroom expert has shared an alternative to tiling that is “less messy to fit” and “quicker to clean”.

Steph Harris, product manager at Showerwall has shared why opting for bathroom wall panels is an “easier” option.

She explains: “Choosing the wallcovering is an exciting part of a bathroom renovation and an important element to get right.

“You can use the walls around your shower, bath or basin to make a real style statement, but they need to be waterproof and easy to keep clean too.

“Tiles have traditionally fit the bill and while scallop and subway tiles have been especially popular in recent years, these more intricate designs can be challenging and costly to install.

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“Often bathroom fitters will charge significantly more for a complex tile design.

“Plus, more grout means more cleaning, as there are more grooves and gaps where soap residue, dirt and mould can build up.

“One way to achieve the tiled look is to opt for bathroom wall panels which can be fitted in so many different ways, for example, either fitted over tiles or onto a plastered wall.

“The large format panels are much easier, and less messy to fit than tiles, they can be quickly adapted to suit awkward spaces, such as loft ensuites or small areas such as downstairs cloakrooms.

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“Finally, because the panels are totally grout-free they are much quicker to clean and maintain than traditional tiles with a just simple wipe down – which is possibly the best benefit of all.”

The average cost of installing a new bathroom in the UK is £6,500, according to Victoria Plum.

The size of the room, the amount of work homeowners are willing to do themselves and the products used will have an impact on the price.

Using bathroom wall panels can create a luxurious look at a fraction of the cost which will save potentially hundreds of pounds for those who are attracted to more expensive materials like marble.

Rather than opting for marble tiles, homeowners can fake the look with marble-effect wall panels.

Ruth Foster from Victoria Plum said using bathroom panels is also an “easy way” to refresh a “tired-looking” bathroom.

She said they can be cut to size and are becoming a favourite with bathroom designers because of their versatility.

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