EV owner left confused after car camera captures woman bending number plate – as viewers warn her she's been 'marked' | The Sun

A TESLA owner has been left confused after dashcam footage showed a woman appearing to bend the number plate of her new electric vehicle.

The TikTok user known as Krisscee took to the social media site to share the footage with her followers and to see if anyone knew what was going on.

Krystal, a “Canadian momma of four”, said she had only owned her Tesla for 13 days before footage picked up a woman seemingly tampering with the rear plate.

The short clip starts off by saying: “I noticed something strange when I got home, so I checked my dashcam footage.”

A woman is seen walking past wearing a thick coat and black leggings while carrying a backpack.

She is then seen going round to the rear of the EV.

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The footage then cuts to the woman appearing to fiddle with the number plate and is holding what looks like a black marker pen in her hand.

She then bends the corner of the number plate upwards before wandering off.

The footage, which was posted three days ago, has already gone viral and has been viewed almost 11million times.

It’s picked up nearly 469,000 likes and generated around 3,700 comments.

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While the video could show nothing more sinister than mindless vandalism many commentators were worried there could be something more sinister behind the woman’s actions.

Some thought it could be a marker for someone to come along later and try to steal either the car or the number plates.

One commentator wrote: “I believe she is marking your car so it is easy to identify. Please be careful.”

Another said: “She is marking your car. Be extra safe and yes call the police and notify your neighbours.”

A third added: “Double-check she didn’t put a tracking tag behind the plate.”

In an update, Krystal revealed she had reported the incident at her local police station but an officer had told her he didn’t think it was that serious.

However she added she was going to do an online report as well.

She also said that both herself and her car were fine but that she found the incident as being “really strange”.

Car marking is a type of motor theft where criminals leave subtle markings on vehicles which are used to communicate information to other thieves.

These markings can be difficult to spot, and are often made using chalk, spray paint, or stickers.

Motorists can take a number of steps to prevent theft and car marking, such as parking in well-lit and secure locations, fitting an alarm or immobilizer, and using a steering wheel lock.

Drivers are also advised to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the police.

Last year, drivers were warned about a common feature that puts cars at a much higher risk of theft.

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