PewDiePie BANNED from Twitch after mysterious return – and fans think they know why | The Sun

INTERNET star PewDiePie has been slapped with a mysterious ban on Twitch mere months after returning to the platform.

The Swedish 33-year-old's channel has been dark since he signed an exclusive streaming deal with YouTube in 2020.

But replays of old videos started up on his dormant Twitch page in March to the surprise of fans.

It also began showing episodes of the Canadian comedy series Trailer Park Boys.

As of May 8, the video maker's page has been banned.

It's not clear why but a notice on the site reads: "This channel is temporarily unavailable due to a violation of Twitch's Community Guidelines or Terms of Service."

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There's no telling how long the ban will last either.

Users have speculated what could be the cause.

One theory is that it is the notorious "bridge incident", in whichPewDiePie shouted a racial slur in a video game.

He later apologised for the incident, which happened back in 2017.

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Meanwhile other fans suggested it might be to do with Twitch's branded content rules.

"I'm thinking this might have to do with the branded content policy that just went into place a week ago or so?," one user said on Reddit.

"You have to mark that for all brands/sponsors that work with you in your content. If he at all left that in the videos, that's an EZ takedown."

Another added: "99% of his videos have a sponsored segment yes."

PewDiePie has 111million followers on YouTube.

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