I bought a £90,000 electric car, but going anywhere needs military planning – I’m fuming | The Sun

A MAN, who bought a £90,000 electric car, says that going anywhere requires some heavy-duty planning.

Mark Ellis owns a Porsche Taycan – but usually struggles to find a fast charger that works correctly in the UK.

TikTok user @mellisreviews took to social media to explain the problems he faces when trying to charge his expensive EV.

He explained: "You have first to find a working fast charger and secondly one that is vacant that doesn't have someone at it already.

"And you also have to find one where you can park on the right side of it to get the DC cable in, and in our experience that day, finding that perfect scenario is pretty much impossible.

"It doesn't matter what EV you're driving. You need some experience or at least spend time looking into how to run an EV before heading out on the road. And expecting to treat it like a petrol car."


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The video has had more than 18,000 views on social media – and most commenters agree with the poster.

One said: "Running an EV is a whole skill set. Finding the perfect charging scenario takes time."

Another said: "I will be going back to petrol because of this."

This comes after a motors expert revealed the three reasons he hates Tesla electric cars.

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