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A SELF-PROCLAIMED 'Yellow Box Guru' has revealed how drivers can avoid being fined for stopping in box junctions.

Authorities are currently waiting on approval to implement the newest "cash cow" trap, and begin a wave of penalty fines issued to drivers found to be in breach of the yellow box junction rules.

A total of 27 councils are awaiting authorisation to be able to issue fines of up to £160 against drivers who stop in one of 111 yellow boxes around the country.

Currently, only the police and local authorities in Cardiff and London can fine drivers for stopping at box junctions.

But, under the new regulation announced by the Department for Transport (DfT) last year, any council can apply to have this power.

Drivers can only enter a yellow box when there is enough room for their car to fit on the other side of the markings—or when they are waiting for a space to turn right.


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However, experts claim that 90% of the boxes are problematic.

According to a report carried out by the RAC, more than 40 yellow boxes around Britain pose visibility issues for drivers.

Sam Wright, an engineer who used to be responsible for the design and approval of yellow boxes for Transport for London, claims that 16 yellow boxes are on the side of the road opposite T-junctions, which the DfT has stated serves "no useful purpose".

The expert, who runs a website called Yellow Box Guru, told the Daily Mail: "No local authority plans ever seem to review the visibility of a box from a driver's point of view, let alone when dark, if the weather is bad or there is congestion up ahead.

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"You can overhang a box for just a moment and get a ticket. A fine often earns councils money but serves no traffic purpose.

"The rules are extremely complicated, so it's common for assessors to disagree between themselves on the interpretations and whether a ticket is due.

"For example, it's unclear whether a stationary bicycle that has forced you to stop in a yellow box would qualify as a "stationary vehicle" or not.

"Markings should be clear during the daytime, in bad weather and at night. If this is not the case, take photographs from a motorist's point of view as evidence.

"Motorists who think they have been unfairly caught should appeal their fine. Drivers should have adequate visibility beyond the box to be able to make a clear judgment before entering it."

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Plus, drivers were warned that failing to update the address on their licence could land them a hefty fine.

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