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YOUR iPhone can slowdown over time with all the apps, videos and photos you gather.

All this content can gradually eat into your storage as well.

Fortunately, Apple has developed a number of quick ways to clear things up and hopefully get your iPhone back up to speed.

What is using up my iPhone's storage?

Apple has a useful tool on iPhone that reveals what's taking up the most amount of space, which gives you a good idea of where your clear up journey needs to start.

Go to Settings, followed by General and iPhone Storage.

From here you'll notice stuff from the Photos app – so videos as well – marked in red.

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Orange is used for apps, while the iOS system data takes yellow.

Messages are highlighted in green and there are some other colours as well.

For example, grey signals "system data", aka "other".

You can also see how much is used overall, and Apple even has some recommendations on how to clear storage.

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Offload apps

Offloading little-used apps is another great way to gain back some space.

This isn't the same as deleting an app.

Offloading lets you to remove an app while keeping any data associated with it.

So, you can reinstall the app in future and carry on where you left off.

Within the iPhone storage section, simply select the app you want to offload.

You will see an Offload App button right there.

Be warned though, as Apple explains: "Reinstalling the app will reinstate your data if the app is still available in the App Store."

In other words, if the app is pulled from the App Store while you've got it offloaded you won't be able to reinstall it again.

Clear your web browser out

Whether you use Apple's own Safari or another app like Chrome, they all keep hold of quite a bit of data.

Everything from cookies and streams of web history, to open tabs slow things down.

So, if you want to clear things out, head to Settings then find Safari.

Select Clear History and Website Data.

To stop yourself from accumulating loads of tabs, find the Close Tabs option.

From here, change to either After One Day, After One Week or After One Month, and your iPhone will do the work for you.

To clear data from, Chrome you'll need to open the Chrome app itself.

Tap the three dotted menu in the bottom right, then scroll along to Settings.

Go to Privacy and security, then Clear Browsing Data.

Stop storing text messages

Text messages can also stack up overtime and most are probably just gathering digital dust.

Thankfully, you can tell your iPhone to clear them out for you automatically every so often for even more storage space.

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Go to Settings and find Messages.

Scroll down to Keep Messages, then change the option to 30 Days or 1 Year.

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