Boost your home’s value by up to £15,000 through ‘staging’ your shed

Phil Spencer's advice on making your house presentable to sell

Elaine Penhaul, director of international award-winning home staging firm Lemon and Lime Interiors, believes that a substantial proportion of the market is missing an enormous opportunity to generate additional value.

Transforming these areas into distinctive aspects of a property can generate appeal in the competitive spring and summer property markets.

The expert explained: “The home staging market is often focused on furnishing and presenting living spaces, kittens and dining areas, and bedrooms, but we also create kerb appeal with neatly staged outdoor spaces.

“Home staging should however extend beyond the home itself – a shed, garage or barn can help make your space look more organised and serve a specific function for the home, such as space for a workshop or a home business.

“Effective decluttering and staging of an outbuilding can heighten a buyer’s interest for living in a property and therefore this lifestyle-based connection can increase its prospective value.

“It’s important to first consider the strengths and weaknesses of the property’s characteristics, which can help inform what decisions can be made to outbuildings when deciding to stage.”

1. Declutter first

It is best to approach these spaces with the primary intention to clean and declutter to remove any unwanted possessions, which is often easier said than done.

The expert recommended walking through outbuildings with a notebook, identifying what items could be tidied or dumped. She added: “Once you have created your list, you need to equip yourself with boxes, labels and marker pens, before allocating everything into skip, store and show piles.

“Consider how long you’ve had items sitting there unused, there’s likely to be plenty of spare parts like nuts and bolts that you’ve kept for things you no longer need.”

2. Living space or storage space

If a barn or garage is being used as a living area or has the potential to be a space for entertaining, the staging should be treated like any other high traffic area in the home. 

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This could involve cleaning, organising and even painting or flooring the space, adding lighting and other functional features. While this may cost money, it could add thousands to a home’s value.

The home staging expert said: “Alternatively, if the main property is lacking in storage space, showing a garage or shed as a function space may be the most logical approach to reassure prospective buyers that they have additional room for stowing items away, especially if they are a family buyer.

“You could harm the perceived value if the home lacks storage, so ensure this is considered.”

3. Resource cost

Elaine continued: “Home staging a shed, garage or barn may require more effort and resources than home staging a traditional living space. 

“For example, you may need to make repairs or updates to the space, such as painting, or installing heating or electrical outlets.

“You may also need to invest in furniture and other decorative elements to make the space more appealing – that’s where home staging comes in as a cost-savvy option due to its rental-based format.”

It’s important to consider whether the cost of staging the garage is worth the potential return on investment. If the home is in a high-end market where buyers are looking for luxury features, then staging may be worth the expense to achieve a higher value.

However, if the market is more modest, it may be best to focus on prioritising the staging of other areas of the home that will grasp more attention where it is most needed.

The expert said: “Overall, deciding to stage these outbuildings will depend on the specific circumstances of the property and whether you have the capacity to commit to making changes.”

However, making certain changes to an outbuilding such as a shed or garage could add up to £15,000 to a home’s value when it is done right.

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