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NOBODY wants to be spending more than they have to in a cost of living crisis.

Money might be tight, but it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice all the little luxuries in your life, and that includes your smartphone and subscriptions.

So what can you do to reign in that spending and save more money?

Check your data and downgrade

Is it possible you got a bit carried away when building your data plan?

If you're finding that you have data left over at the end of the month, it might be worth considering a downgrade.

You can check how much data you're using several ways.


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First up, check your network provider's own app, this will tell you exactly how much you're churning through each month.

If you can't find this – or want just want another way to double check – iPhone has it's own option as well.

Go to Settings > Mobile Data > Current Period.

Here you will see how much you've used – but this is a lifetime figure, so it'll probably be huge.

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So, you'll need to reset it first and come back in a month's time, by going to the bottom and selecting Reset Statistics.

Then, in 30 days, check again and see what it says.

If you're using a lot less data than you're allocated, it might be worth speaking to your network provider about downgrading.

Be mindful that you have enough though – you don't want to go over your allowance and end up paying more.

There's also another way to avoid nasty bill shocks and that's when roaming.

Most mobile networks have restricted the amount of inclusive roaming data you get when travelling to EU countries post-Brexit.

You can check roaming is off by going to Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options and check that Data Roaming is ticked off to avoid any surprise bills.

Spare yourself battery repairs

iPhone batteries deteriorate with time, like any other smartphone.

This means you'll eventually have to fork out to replace the battery.

Thankfully, you can prevent this expense from happening sooner using a clever trick which allows your iPhone to learn your daily charging routine.

Open Settings > Battery > Battery Health > make sure Optimised Battery Charging is on.

It's also worth looking at the Maximum Capacity bit too, as this will tell you how well your iPhone's battery is doing at the moment.

Remember that all iPhones have a year-long guarantee on their batteries, so if yours is fault within 12-months you can get it replaced for free.

Change your Apple subscriptions – and team up with family

Use more than one of Apple's subscription services?

Whether it's Apple Music, Apple TV+, iCloud or any other, if you're using more than one, you could save money by opting for Apple One instead.

Better still, if you know someone else using them you could team up and save even more.

Apple One is the tech giant's bundle plan.

An individual plan costs £14.95 per month and includes Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and iCloud+ with 50GB of storage space.

The family plan is £19.95 and gives you all that to be shared with to five other people – plus the storage is boosted to 200GB.

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You and the family can get even more on top for £29.95 a month, taking the iCloud storage to a whooping 2TB and throwing News+ and Fitness+ into the mix as well.

If you've only got one Apple subscription service and using a rival for something else, it might be worth considering switching to Apple's to save money.

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