Facebook users are just realising there's a hidden button to get deleted photos BACK after they mysteriously disappeared | The Sun

FACEBOOK users are being urged to try two hacks to recover their photos after they were mysteriously deleted from the platform.

Users were in uproar last week with complaints that countless memories had been wiped from Facebook, including final pictures of family members that couldn't be replicated.

Some users have reported that the images deleted are ones from their mobile uploads, or snaps that are not in an organised album.

But others claim all their photos, spanning more than 10 years, have been erased.

One impacted user, Jame Koopman, told The Sun that the issue began with just a few images disappearing, but has escalated to his entire upload collection.

"All of my upload photo's are gone and now all that is left are yesterday's uploads," he said.


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"I feel as if someone has died. I am devastated."

People have been using Facebook as a place to share and save life events for over a decade, after the Memories feature was introduced in late 2010.

Facebook has yet to comment on the saga, which has left some users contemplating leaving the platform for good.

However, tech savvy folks on Reddit have found two ways to retrieve deleted photos.

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While Facebook hasn't confirmed an official work-around, some people have been successful with these methods.

Simply follow these steps:

  • Go to the Memories section on Facebook
  • Scroll down to the bottom and select Highlights
  • Click Albums
  • Try to find your deleted posts and save them again

Alternatively, you can try this:

  • Log into Facebook.com on a computer
  • Open the Settings & Privacy menu
  • Click on Your Facebook Information
  • Choose the option to download your information
  • Fill in the required details
  • Download your deleted photos from Facebook

If that still doesn't work, then it's best to avoid uploading photos through the app until the problem is fixed.

The Sun has contacted Facebook for comment.

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