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REDDIT is a social media platform where users can view and share lengthy text posts, articles, and videos for others to see.

With it's forum-style discussion structure and 1.6billion users, it's easy to get lost in a sea of posts on the platform.

How to save posts on Reddit

That's where the save button comes in.

Reddit introduced a bookmark option to users in 2011.

It means users can save any post they want to revisit later.

It's useful for keeping track of things you don't have time to read or watch in the moment.


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However, depending on what platform you’re on, saving posts is slightly different.

On the web:

  • To save a post, click the Save icon underneath the post.
  • This may be beneath the post, along from the comments, awards and shares icons.
  • Or it may be found a small drop down menu when clicking the three dots at the bottom of a post.

On the iOS and Android apps:

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  • Open the app on your iOS iPhone, iPad or Android.
  • To save a post, tap the three dots on the top right and then tap the Save in the pop up menu.

How to view saved posts on Reddit

The feature bookmarks all the posts you wish to save to your Reddit account.

Reddit then compiles these posts into a list for you to report back to later.

On the web:

  • To view your saved post, go to your profile and click on the Saved tab. 

On the iOS and Android apps:

  • Open the app on your iOS iPhone, iPad or Android.
  • To view your saved posts, tap on your avatar to open your profile menu and tap the Saved icon.

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