Samsung launches money-saving scheme in the UK to make your smartphone last longer – but there's a catch | The Sun

SAMSUNG has launched its self-repair programme in the UK and eight other European countries.

It means customers can save on the time and money it takes to put their device through a repair shop, and instead be given the tools to do it themselves.

Samsung introduced the scheme to US customers just last year, having already been in full swing for users in South Korea.

But now those in Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Netherlands and Spain can also take advantage of the offer.

While some technical issues require a specialist, other problems such as changing the phone screen, the back glass and battery can be done at home with a little patience.

Currently, the programme only supports Galaxy S20, S21, and S22 series and the Galaxy Book Pro 15 and Book Pro 360 15 devices.


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The Korean technology giant has self-repair instruction videos and PDFs on its website, ready for customers to learn new skills.

All customers have to do is visit the site and order the component they need.

There will be an option to just buy the component, or buy the part with a toolkit for an added cost of around £30.

It's not cheap.

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But it's certainly less expensive than what a repair shop would charge.

For example, a Galaxy S20 Back Glass alone is €39.88 (£34), but with the repair kit it is €68.32 (£58.50).

While the Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen and Battery is €233.60 (£200) for the parts, and €262.04 (£224) including the repair kit.

However, the tool kit can be used again.

So, that might act as a silver lining if you break your phone again and again.

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