Warning for EV drivers over dangerous 'popping tyres' which could land you with a whopping £10k fine | The Sun

ELECTRIC car owners have been warned that increasing temperatures this summer could lead to massive tyre damage, and a potential fine of up to £10,000.

With the warm weather continuing, many Britons will be hitting the road and travelling on holiday to see family and friends.

But, experts are warning motorists to make sure they check their tyres to help prevent any serious problems or blow-outs while driving.

Neil Westwood of Myev HUB claims that high temperatures can seriously affect tyre pressures and also cause other problems with your electric car.

Electric vehicles are generally heavier than similar petrol or diesel models, placing more strain on their suspension and tyre rubber as a result of the weight.

Friction from the road surface is another factor in raising the temperature of tyres, especially with larger vehicles.


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He told The Daily Express: "Tyres can withstand most road conditions, including potholes, but even the highest quality tyres have a breaking point.

"So if the sun has been beating down all day and the tarmac on the roads is hot, they can start to overheat.

"This means the molecules in the compressed air inside them will begin to vibrate at a higher frequency and expand, with the potential to cause damage.

"In extreme cases, this could lead to them popping, which is obviously a danger if you are travelling at any speed but a nightmare if you are on the motorway or fast A road."

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With the ban on petrol cars in the UK in 2030, EVs are becoming increasingly popular.

Neil Westwood continued: "It is imperative to keep tyres inflated to the recommended levels at all times, but especially during a heatwave.

"Many EVs come with specialist tyres that are harder wearing. But if they do become damaged, it is worth bearing in mind that not only is it dangerous, it could earn you a hefty fine and even a driving ban."

If someone is caught by the police with illegal tyres, they could receive a £2,500 fine and three penalty points per tyre – a total cost of £10,000 and 12 points.

This comes after an industry body warned that electric cars could cause more pothole misery for drivers.

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