Barclays fraud warning after suspicious text reported

Barclays has issued a scam warning after a person reported a suspicious text they received.

Twitter user @LYCOICAT messaged the bank with a screenshot of a text they received asking if it was legitimate.

The message read: “BARCLAYS: Your OTP code is 215921 for a payment of £800.55 to WAITROSE. If you do NOT recognise this please contact us on 02071939438.”

The person said they had not paid this amount and they do not shop at Waitrose, so wanted to know if it was a phishing scam.

In its reply, the bank said if a person receives a message like this for a payment they don’t recognise, it may be a scam.

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The group said: “Scammers are sending texts that appear to be from ‘Barclays’. If you receive a text with a one-time passcode you didn’t ask for, or about a payment you don’t recognise, it’s probably a scam.

“Don’t call any numbers, select any links or open attachments in messages you don’t recognise or aren’t expecting.”

Barclays said if a person receives a suspicious email or text claiming to be from the bank, they can forward it along with any attachments to [email protected].

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An individual can also forward any suspicious email they receive to [email protected] to report the issue.

This will allow the National Cyber Security Centre to investigate the validity of the site and remove it immediately if it’s a phishing scam.

Barclays also encouraged the Twitter user to call 0345 734 5345, the number for Barclays Telephone Banking, which is open 24/7, to report the scam message.

Lloyds Bank recently warned Britons about a text scam where fraudsters send a message pretending to be from Royal Mail saying a parcel is awaiting delivery. The text tells the recipient they need to pay a fee to collect their item.

Scammers often send out these messages with links to a fake website under their control, where victims input their personal or banking details for the fraudsters to later use.

Lloyds said: “If you’re expecting a delivery, Royal Mail won’t get in touch to ask for your personal or banking details.”

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