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A DRIVER is fuming after her neighbour installed a garden that prevents her from parking where she wants to – and they won't do anything about it.

The anonymous motorist claims that she keeps driving accidentally through a children's garden after buying a brand-new large car.

Reddit user @u/West_Fix_49 took to social media to ask whether it was her fault or the position of the garden that was causing the issues.

She said: "Ilive in a highly populated city. We have a backyard parking lot in the small building I live in and the ground is covered with concrete grid pavement (has holes with grass in between).

“I was away from home for a few weeks and also purchased a new car. This car is significantly bigger than my last and extremely hard to park, especially with the small and awkwardly spaced parking lot.

"It’s not straight lines like at a grocery store. The builder worked around the weirdly shaped building and the gazebo, so the parking spots are all over the place so every apartment can have one.


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"Well, the morning I came back, I received a text that I had run over the kid’s project garden for the summer. I was confused because I was sure I hadn’t gone near any of the small patches of dirt we have for planting."

The woman was left in shock when she went to her balcony and discovered that there were crumpled plants next to her parking spot.

She continued: "I texted back that their makeshift garden was quite literally on the pavement meant for cars to go over. They told me that I could avoid running it over.

“I tried for a few days, but ultimately, one night in the dark, I ran some of them over again. They painted white lines, but again, one night in the dark, I ran it over.

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“Next step my neighbours took was to put potted plants to surround it, and guess what? I ran over the pots late at night.

"At this point, one guy called me downstairs and gave me a 10-minute lecture on how to park without doing it. I told him to respectfully f-off and move the plants next to his parking spot."

The user revealed that her other neighbours had told her that she should install lights in her parking spot so that she could see better at night and avoid the plants.

But the poster said: "Even in the daylight, I have to spend 10 minutes manoeuvring and getting out of the car to make sure the garden is ok."

The post has gone viral on Reddit with more than 4,100 views – and most users are on the poster's side.

One said: "You do not make a garden in a parking lot. They can do potted plants in their parking spot, but not yours."

A second said: "I'll give the benefit of the doubt that it shouldn't be this difficult to park into a normal bay, and placing unnecessary obstacles around that just makes it even worse. It shouldn't be difficult to park at home."

A third pointed out: "He could have put his pots near his parking lot, but he persisted on putting it on your parking lot. Parking lots are not for putting plants."

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This comes after a homeowner revealed how they took revenge on their neighbour after she repeatedly parked in front of their driveway.

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