People are only just realising how to park their car using the key fob – and you don’t even need to be behind the wheel | The Sun

DRIVERS have been left stunned after realising that they can park their cars using the key fob – and you don't even need to be behind the wheel.

A car expert took to social media to show users that they can actually move their car into and out of a tight parking spot by pressing two buttons on their key fob.

YouTube user @PhillipPaul uploaded a video explaining how to use the Remote Smart Parking Assist system on his KIA EV6.

He said: "I have the key in my hand what I'm going to do is turn around to the vehicle, and I'm going to lock the car, remote start it, and you're going to see the lights flash there on the back a few times, telling me is remote starting.

"On the key, there are two buttons, forward and backwards, so I'm going to back it up. I need to get out of a parking spot, or whatever you need to do here, you can back it up by using your key.

This technology will automatically control the steering wheel, vehicle speed and gear shift.


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He continued: "Let's say that I'm walking in front of the car; it's going to slam on the brakes and tell me that there's someone in front of the car, so you are not going to hit anyone with this feature."

Other manufacturers such as Hyundai, Tesla and BMW also have this function on certain new models.

In a similar video uploaded to TikTok – viewers were left in shock after discovering this amazing system.

One said: "What model is this one, deffo Im getting one when I have enough money."

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Another said: "Damn, I want this."

A third pointed out: "Wow, that’s amazing!!!"

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