US Supreme Court Rules Against Racial Preferences In College Admissions

The US Supreme Court has ruled that admission of students in colleges and universities based on race is unconstitutional.

The Supreme Court delivered the significant ruling in two cases filed against the use of race in admissions at Harvard and the University of North Carolina.

In the landmark Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard case, the top court ruled that race-conscious college admissions processes will be unconstitutional under the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment.

In his majority opinion, Chief Justice John Roberts wrote: “Many universities have for too long wrongly concluded that the touchstone of an individual’s identity is not challenges bested, skills built, or lessons learned, but the color of their skin.”

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson and Sonia Sotomayor dissented with the verdict.

Jackson, the first black woman to serve on the US Supreme Court, said the decision “rolls back decades of precedent and momentous progress.”

President Joe Biden strongly disagreed with the decision.

“The Court has effectively ended affirmative action in college admissions. And I strongly disagree with the Court’s decision”.

“Many people wrongly believe that affirmative action allows unqualified students to be admitted ahead of qualified students. This is not how college admissions work,” he told reporters.

Biden said he wants to offer some guidance to the nation’s colleges as they review their admissions systems after the Supreme Court decision. “They should not abandon their commitment to ensure student bodies of diverse backgrounds and experience that reflect all of America”.

Edward Blum, the founder and president of Students for Fair Admissions, said, “The opinion issued today by the United States Supreme Court marks the beginning of the restoration of the colorblind legal covenant that binds together our multi-racial, multi-ethnic nation”.

Students for Fair Admissions is a conservative activist group representing Asian American students in the lawsuit against Harvard University.

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