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DRIVERS are only just realising a genius tennis ball hack that makes washing your car so easy.

The fuzzy yellow spheres are not only handy for whacking across the net or serving at 100mph, but they’re also great for making hosing down or jet-washing your vehicle much easier.

TikTok user @ken.c.long revealed a super useful hack to prevent your hose from getting stuck underneath your tyre.

He suggests grabbing two tennis balls and wedging them underneath the outside corner of your tyre.

Ken said: "It'll slide along the tennis balls, and it won't get stuck."

The video has gone viral on TikTok with more than 349,700 views – and users were blown away after discovering this amazing hack on social media.


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One said: " Genius!"

Another said: "Brilliant."

A third pointed out: "Oh my god…it’s so simple too. So effective!"

But also car experts believe this is one of the best and most simple hacks they have ever seen on TikTok.

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Graham Conway, managing director of Select Car Leasing, commented: "Millions of Brits love giving their cars and vans the once over with a power hose to keep them looking at their best – particularly during the warmer months of the year.

“But one major annoyance is when the hose gets stuck under a tyre, leaving you to yank it out and running the risk of damaging your paintwork.

“However, TikTok has provided the answer, and it’s simple – wedge some tennis balls under the wheels.”

While tennis balls may come in handy for washing, it’s a different story if you find yourself locked out of your vehicle.

The expert added:"Social media can be a great source of information and inspiration – but you must be careful what you believe.

“This is the case with videos that have been doing the rounds for the past few years, which claim to show how to open a car with a tennis ball.

“The instructions are to cut a hole in one and then use the pressure inside to pump air into the locking system and force it to open.

“But while it might sound like something that could work, it doesn’t and has the potential to damage your car rather than getting you out of a tight spot.”

This comes after drivers were left stunned after discovering an easy £7 hack that will help you keep their car cool this summer.

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