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WE'RE always on the look out for the blue lights that warn us that an emergency vehicle is behind us.

But are emergency vehicles allowed in bus lanes? Here's all you need to know.

Are emergency vehicles allowed in bus lanes?

Yes, emergency vehicles are allowed to use bus lanes.

Emergency vehicles are allowed to use bus lanes and go through red lights – however if you're not driving an emergency vehicle this won't apply to you.

If an emergency vehicle needs to pass you using a bus lane you should slow down or stop to leave them a clear path.

You should make sure you don't endanger other vehicles.

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It's also important to indicate to other road users to show them what you're doing.

What other vehicles are allowed in bus lanes?

The vehicles that can use bus lanes are:

  • Licensed London Taxis
  • Motorcycles without side cars
  • Mopeds
  • Scooters
  • Tricycles that are non-motorised, motorised under 450kg and not with side cars
  • Bicycles

Bus lanes are clearly marked by dashed white lines or a solid white line.

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The sold white line marks the edge of the bus lane and shouldn't be crossed whilst it's in operation.

The dashed white lines show the beginning and end of the lanes.

It also shows where it's acceptable for vehicles to cross into it.

The lane may also have "bus lane" marked on the road.

Usually, there's also a sign that will show time periods that state the times of operation.

Providing you are driving outside of a bus lanes hours of operation then you can use it providing it's safe to do so.

If there is no times shown on a sign then the bus lane is in operation 24 hours a day and unauthorised vehicles cannot use it.

Can you be fined for driving in a bus lane?

If you use a bus lane illegally then your local council can give you a charge notice.

The council usually must send you a notice within 28 days of you driving through the bus lane.

The charge will then state that you have 28 dates to pay the charge.

The charge may also be reduced if you pay the charge within two weeks.

If you accept that you did drive through the bus lane the notice will give you instructions on how to pay it.

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You may also appeal the charge notice.

You usually have 28 days to appeal after receiving the notice.

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