‘Effective’ DIY method to ‘effectively eliminate’ a bed bug in ‘30 minutes’

Bed bugs expert reveals how to spot signs of infestation

Bed bugs are small oval and brownish insects that are similar in size and colour to an apple seed. 

They have flattened bodies which makes it easy for them to fit into tiny spaces around the home and they like to live in groups in hiding places. 

They are parasites that consume human blood and can cause a number of health issues such as skin irritation and allergic reactions.

Although these pests typically feed on blood every five to 10 days, they are resilient and capable of surviving up to a year without feeding.

Thankfully, Fantastic Pest Control’s Georgios Likopoulos has shared his top tips to get rid of beg bugs.

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He said: “Getting rid of bed bugs can be a challenging task, but with the right approach and some do-it-yourself methods, you can effectively eliminate them from your household. Here are some top tips to help you tackle a bed bug infestation.”

First and foremost, the expert claimed that it’s important to clean and treat the areas where bed bugs reside. 

Start by washing all bedding, linens, curtains, and clothing in hot water, making sure to use the highest heat setting in the dryer as well. 

For items that can’t be washed, such as stuffed animals or shoes, Georgios said: “You can place them in the dryer on high heat for about 30 minutes to kill the bed bugs.”

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For those who have delicate fabrics or temperature-sensitive materials, consider using dry cleaning as an effective treatment option. The expert said: “Dry cleaning can kill bed bugs at all life stages.”

To target the bed bugs and their eggs specifically, use a stiff brush to scrub the seams of the mattress. This mechanical action helps “dislodge and remove pests”.

Regular vacuuming is “crucial” in the battle against bed bugs. Vacuum the bed and the surrounding areas thoroughly. 

After each vacuuming session, seal the vacuum bag in a plastic bag and dispose of it in an outdoor trash can to prevent any potential escape of the bed bugs.

Households should repair any cracks in plaster and secure peeling wallpaper, as these can serve as hiding spots for bed bugs. By sealing these openings, their potential hiding places will be reduced.

Clutter provides additional hiding spots for bed bugs, so it’s important to clear any unnecessary items around beds. Keeping the living space tidy can also help minimise their hiding places.

In severe cases, Georgios noted that chemical treatments may be necessary. However, he argued: “It’s essential to exercise caution and read and follow the instructions on the product labels carefully. Avoid using chemicals directly on bedding or mattresses unless explicitly stated on the label.”

Bed bug elimination often requires persistence and multiple treatments. If the infestation persists or becomes unmanageable, it’s recommended to seek professional assistance from experienced pest control services that specialise in bed bug extermination.

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