‘Most effective’ methods to get rid of summer window condensation

This is how to remove window condensation in five minutes

The experts at The Residence Collection said: “Your first thought when you see condensation in the summer will probably be that something is wrong, either with your home ventilation or with your windows themselves, when the real source of the problem is actually caused by excessively high indoor humidity levels.

“The everyday air around us is naturally filled with tiny invisible droplets of water called water vapour. 

“When those tiny droplets come into contact with a cool surface – such as the inside of your windows – the invisible droplets of water condense to become larger visible droplets, condensation.”

If the issue isn’t resolved as soon as possible, excess condensation can result in mould growing within the home, which can be harmful to health.

The experts added: “In the summer months, the air inside your home is often cooler than the air outside, especially if you’re fortunate enough to have air conditioning.

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“That’s when the moisture in the indoor air makes contact with the window, causing the moisture to liquefy. 

“When the outdoor temperature reaches 20C or higher, indoor humidity levels should be at about 35 percent. With too much indoor humidity, the moisture in the air can cause dangerous moulds and mildew to flourish which can damage furniture, wallpaper, paintwork and brickwork.”

Luckily, there are many ways to avoid summer condensation including controlling the moisture levels within the home.

According to the experts, the “most effective” way to do this is with adequate ventilation, meaning Britons should dry clothing outdoors and open windows daily.

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Even 10 to 15 minutes of fresh air within the home can make the home more ventilated and make it feel less stuffy.

The pros also recommended making sure tumble dryers are vented to the outside and making sure to always use an extractor fan when cooking or bathing.

It could also help to keep these fans on for a short period of time after you have finished cooking or showering in order to help bring these moisture levels down.

Contrary to popular belief, dehumidifiers are also great to use within the summer months as well as the winter months if you are suffering from excess moisture in the home.

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Sarah Hitchings, sales and marketing director of The Residence Collection, commented: “With the summer season being met with a long period of rain, people will be concerned about the effects condensation will have on their home.

“Many people are searching for ways to lower the humidity in their homes without paying the price tag for running a fan or air conditioner during the cost of living crisis.

“Just by simply changing a few home habits while it’s during the a rainy season and having the right ventilation, people can have a much more enjoyable summer without worrying about summer condensation.”

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