Prince Harry recounts ‘dizzyingly high ceilings’ inside Prince Andrew’s home

Sarah Ferguson continues to live in the Duke of York’s home Royal Lodge, despite divorcing Prince Andrew in 1996.

Because of this, royal fans sometimes get to catch glimpses inside the private residence when the Duchess of York posts images and videos on social media.

The home is normally off-limits to the general public, meaning this access is a lovely treat for royal fans.

Prince Harry made the home sound almost mystical when he recounted the opulent interiors in his autobiography Spare, which was released in January of this year.

Referring to the Queen Mother, the Duke of Sussex wrote: “It was Pa who told me she’d been confined to her bed at Royal Lodge, the sprawling country house in which she’d lived part-time for the last 50 years, when she wasn’t at her main residence, Clarence House.

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“Royal Lodge was three miles south of Windsor Castle, still in Windsor Great Park, still part of the Crown Estate, but like the castle it had one foot in another world.

“Dizzyingly high ceilings. Pebbled driveway winding serenely through vivid gardens.”

These “dizzyingly high ceilings” can be seen in a black-and-white image of Prince Andrew lounging in one of their sitting rooms.

The room also features imposingly tall panelled windows, with massive curtains, sofas with multiple cushions, and a polished wooden floor with a rug.

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Royal fans have been able to view inside the lovely grounds even though the driveway has been hidden, possibly for security reasons.

Sarah displayed their picture-perfect garden, complete with well-maintained hedges and classic garden furniture, in “Storytime With Fergie and Friends”, the Duchess’s YouTube series.

The late Queen Elizabeth II’s life-sized playhouse, which still exists on the estate, is a landmark of the Windsor property.

The people of Wales gifted the late monarch a magnificent life-sized playhouse in 1932 when she was six years old.

It featured electricity, running water, a kitchen and bathroom that worked, a sitting room and a bedroom. Princess Beatrice spoke about the playhouse’s impact on her as a child and even participated in its 2012 renovation.

She told Andrew Marr in the documentary The Diamond Queen: “Granny and her sister played here growing up and we’ve been lucky enough to play here with cousins and second cousins and it’s a big family treat.

“It’s the most glamorous Wendy house ever, but it’s really beautiful and what you’re seeing now is after a year’s renovation process.

“It’s been completely rethatched, new curtains, new wiring, a bit of a spruce up really! All the little china and glass was created especially for the house.”

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